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Genny Sacco-Bak

About Coffee with Genny B

Passionate about coffee since a young age, I created my
Coffee with Genny B Media business after being inspired by
the “60 Days of 60 Coffees” journey I embarked on in 2019,
to commemorate my 60th birthday.

A Communications Program grad and respected instructor of the University of Winnipeg PACE (Professional Applied Continuing Education) program, I have over 30 years of marketing and communications experience including event planning and fundraising, for financial, tech, and non-profit organizations. I continue to carry my love of learning and teaching to my students, fans, and followers, as I regale
them with coffee stories,
history, and folklore.

A member of the Peak Performers Toastmasters Club since 1997 and a Zumba instructor since 2010 (currently teaching online), I'm also the mother of two and a proud and doting grandmother of one.

My mission is to continue to spread my infectious energy, enthusiasm, and love of coffee to others in the spirit of “everything coffee”!

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