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Cup of Coffee

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Book and Coffee
Happiness is:
Coffee & a 
Good Book
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Who's Genny B?

Genny is the first person you would turn to ask a question about coffee. She knows all (or maybe most) of the coffee shops in Winnipeg. To say she is passionate about coffee is a major understatement. She has created this community so that others who share her passion can connect while supporting local coffee shops and having fun. 


Coffee with a friend is like capturing joy in a cup. Welcome to the Coffee with Genny B Podcast. Hosted by Genny B, a lover of all things coffee. Each week Genny will chat about connecting over coffee, what brings her joy and everything in between. A lot can happen over coffee so grab a cup, sit back and enjoy!



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Cultivating Community

The best part of being a coffee lover is the people you meet along the way. Join us in our exclusive Facebook group, where we not only talk about all things coffee but learn about local coffee shops and roasters, and learn more about the rich and diverse coffee scene in Winnipeg!  


Coffee Beans
Coffee Gifts
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